Fiction writers need love too. Joining groups, not joining groups, offering samples like at the grocery store, it seems like striking matches for want of a flashlight. Does anyone do Google searches for fiction writing? Did they ever? How would you pose the search question? Searching for a good read–OK, that gets you to GoodReads, but don’t forget your credit card. Searching for haunted werewolves in North Dakota will get you to somebody’s commercial site, but it’s doubtful Sadie Clemens’ stories about werewolves and the women who love them won’t show up until Google’s page 15, if at all. Wouldn’t it be faster to log onto Amazon and stare at the book covers? Does Jeff Bezos really want to sell us everything? And you’ll need a credit card to play. Self help folks have it all over us fiction writers, with one caveat: even if the first posting feels like a good fit, there’s the sustaining question–how long it can be kept up? My friend, Mel Straus used to say “you think it’s easy?” Frank’s posts stand out in this department; keep writing, we’re still reading you. But what can you say to us lonely fiction werewolves?

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A practicing writer and architect, he is now squandering hours making a mess from writing.

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