Sean on Ben Bulben — photo by William E Evans, © 1991

Dear Sean –

Let me begin with this: how could I have ever competed with an enormous replica of the Millennium Falcon and all those Star Wars figurines?

Along with the other presents your mother packed around the Christmas tree, stacked on chairs, on the sofa, the table. A townhouse living room jammed with her presents until moving about was near to impossible. Only the clothes gifts were mine.

A well-kept secret pact between you and your mother? Perhaps on her part, it was. When your brother came along, she showered Ryan the same.

This need to overwhelm you guys…

"I nodded and felt her silently."

John: when you're feeling a woman silently, queer or otherwise, does she yell or just moan?

I know; I'm leaving...

Memories Photo by Frantisek Duris on Unsplash

In an historic church in Charleston, one white boy murdered nine African Americans–people–after they’d invited him to join their prayer group, and in Atlanta another murdered six Asian Americans who had been providing something simple as a human touch to other humans.

In an historic church in Charleston.

In separate strip malls of no consequence outside Atlanta.

Because Jesus told the one boy? Because no one helped the other one’s brain work better? Think about that. What screwed up places raised these boys?

The church in Charleston had been burned before the Civil War in 1822. That same year men…

Probably one of your best. It made me wanna add to it a bit:

If you're feeling generous and wanted to make my readers happy, you could gift them with a friends' link:

In any case, a fine job!

When the story's hero is a yak--can't get any better! Just can't! OK, and Samantha comes in second.

Anyone who puts ketchup on a hot dog is a Communist.

Life is like a wind blowing your way, and then it won’t.

Photo by vikram sundaramoorthy on Unsplash

The Beltway around Washington could be used for any number of morality tales, so one more won’t be piling on.

I needed to get on the Capital Beltway a few days ago. I have circled the Beltway for as long as I’ve lived in greater Washington DC–even earlier, seeing as I’ve driven I-95 one end to the other since I was a teen.

But it had been awhile. D and I have been staying close, not wandering while the pandemic has been raging, and it felt a touch unfamiliar to be driving the Beltway. Though I was game.

Heading to…

I just liked the part of the story about Texans not all marching to the same song, but the same thought about temps down near the Mexican border crossed my mind. Thanks for the reply!

We’re going batshit crazy on the Left.

Photo by @felipepelaquim on Unsplash

Bill Maher’s last week “New Rule” is worth listening to: Cancel Culture Is Over Party — thus the title of this short piece.

Another case in point — last Sunday’s Washington Post opinion piece by Matthew Yglesias titled Not every anti-racist idea is a good one. Subtitled “On some topics, progressives prefer pointing out right-wing hypocrisy to debating substance.”

It is — he says clearing his throat — a topical, on-target article. It’s somewhat larded with qualifiers–undoubtedly to stave off the counterattacks, though I wonder how successful that strategy will turn out to be. …

Photo by Mick Haupt on Unsplash

Growing up in a small town in South Carolina, playing football required an obloid ball and that would do it. Didn’t need to be leather, and it wasn’t often inflated to regulation, but someone needed to bring a football, or we were SOL. None of us had pads and helmets, and unless the entire gaggle (usually four to six at best) wore them, it wouldn’t have been fair. …

Bill Evans

A practicing writer and architect, he is now squandering hours making a mess from writing.

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